Excel Nuclear Oncology Center in Houston is designated as Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Center of Excellence by SNMMI.

20 years of Excellence

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About Excel Diagnostics & Nuclear Oncology Center


About The Practice

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Excel Diagnostics & Nuclear Oncology Center is the leading diagnostic imaging and therapeutic facility in Houston, Texas. Ebrahim Delpassand, MD, the practice’s founder and medical director, and the imaging specialists use the latest generation of imaging equipment to identify cancer, osteoporosis, and other acute and chronic health conditions.

The team of radiologists and nuclear medicine technologies are all certified by the American Association of Radiologic Technologists (AART) and Nuclear Medicine Registration Technology (NMRT). They are highly trained in diagnostic testing technologies, including digital X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasound.

They also specialize in advanced technologies like DEXA scans to identify osteoporosis and nuclear medicine SPECT/CT scans to determine the cause of joint and bone pain and diagnose abnormalities in organs or glands.

Excel Diagnostics & Nuclear Oncology Center also provides PET/CT scans to diagnose and assess cancer. The team can treat neuroendocrine tumors, a rare type of cancer, with advanced radioisotope therapy. This advanced treatment destroys tumors without damaging surrounding tissues.

The patient-centered facility offers the convenience of diagnostic testing on an outpatient basis. The cornerstone of the Excel Diagnostic & Nuclear Oncology Center team’s success is their commitment to the care they provide to each patient. Complimentary parking is available.

If you need diagnostic testing for cancer or other health conditions, schedule an appointment at Excel Diagnostics & Nuclear Oncology Center. You can also book an appointment online.


Words from our patients

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    "This made it so easy for me. I will definitely keep using Excel Diagnostics for all my imaging."

    Isabel C.
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    "The whole experience was much more comfortable than I imagined. Highly recommend this facility."

    Sa V.
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    "Excellent staff. They treated me very well. The IV for my test was painless. I would highly recommend."

    Kimberly S.
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    "I have been coming to this center for a number of years and my experiences have been positive and nice. Wonderful staff for all procedures!!!"

    Ini L.


Excel Diagnostics & Nuclear Oncology Center
9701 Richmond Ave, Suite 122
Houston, TX 77042
Phone: 713-781-6200

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