Excel Diagnostics
Community Outreach Program

Excel Diagnostics is committed to finding new ways to serve the community. Excel actively contributes to advanced cancer research and discounted screening for low-income families through its sister non-profit RITA Foundation.

Radio-Isotope Therapy of America (RITA) Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization established in Houston, Texas in 2004. We believe cancer therapy should be targeted to only cancer cells, and should have minimal effect on normal organs, thus RITA research and studies focus on Personalized Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy. RITA Foundation has initiatives in both clinical and research area to fight against cancer.

Goals & Initiatives to Fight Against Cancer

Discounted Digital Mammography for Breast Cancer

Provide screening for breast cancer which is the most common cancer in women. RITA Foundation in collaboration with Westchase Imaging, Ltd. is the first free standing, nonprofit charitable organization in Houston to offer “Digital Mammography” for screening breast cancer in women. This imaging modality has significantly higher resolution and can diagnose cancer at a very early stage, with much lower radiation as compared with analog mammography. Patients can self refer for screening. Qualified patients can receive the service free of charge or at a significantly discounted price.

High-Res Scans for Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

RITA foundation in collaboration with Westchase Imaging, Ltd. is also offering high resolution CT-64 slice scan of the lungs for early diagnosis of lung cancer.

New Drugs Research for Neuroendocrine Cancers

RITA Foundation is the sponsor of two new Investigational New Drug (IND) applications approved by FDA for treatment of neuroendocrine cancers. These treatments are offered in collaboration with Excel Diagnostics, in Houston, BioSynthema corporation based in St. Luis Missouri and its parent company Advanced Accelerator Applications(AAA) based in France, Missouri University Research Reactor (MURR), IsoTherapeutics Group (ITG) in Angelton, Texas, IsoTexs in Friendswood , Texas, and South Texas Radio-Pharmacy, Baylor College of Medicine, and St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston. First treatment is an “off-Label use of previously approved In-111 Pentetreotide (Octreoscan) in high doses for treatment. The second is Lu-177 Octreotate which has been available in Europe and Australia for many years and up to now patients had to go to Europe to receive this treatment.

Targeted Radionuclide Therapy for Orphan Diseases

RITA also sponsors Novel Basic Research projects. These projects involve labeling novel biochemical agents with therapeutic radioactive materials to create compounds for diagnosis and therapy of cancer. This is also called “targeted radionuclide therapy” which is believed to be the wave of the future in treatment of cancer. RITA’s special focus is on research on FDA designated Orphan Diseases. These are diseases that because of their lower prevalence are not attractive for typical pharmaceutical companies for research and development.

Educate Public on Early Diagnosis of Cancer

RITA also educates the public regarding screening and early diagnosis of cancer and information about new targeted and personalized therapy of cancer by organizing educational seminars through it’s outreach program.